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Welcome to the Nimitz. Also designated as DS-35. Starbase Nimitz is is located near the edges of Federation and Romulan space roughly 30 light years from DS-6. The starbase was recently turned over to UCF control to give the Fleet a foothold deeper in the quadrant.

You can join us to chat in the irc channel #SB_Nimitz on the servers. Any questions please forward them to

Latest News Items

» Nichelle Nichols - Lieutenant Uhura of Star Trek

Posted on Fri Jun 5, 2015 @ 11:12am by Lieutenant Darla Rodan in General News

From the Desk of Counselor Lt. Darla Rodan,

I feel like you all should hear/know about our beloved Nichelle Nichols'... the actress that portrayed Lieutenant Uhura - Communications officer in Star Trek Movies and Shows (TOS and TAS).

This was posted 22 hours ago on Nichelle Nichols 's facebook page.

Official Statement
Last night while at her home in LA, Nichelle Nichols suffered from a mild stroke. She is currently undergoing testing to determine how severe the stroke was. Please keep her in your thoughts.
-Zach McGinnis
Galactic Productions, LLC

This was posted 14 hrs ago on her facebook page.·

Update #1 6:25pm June 4, 2015
Nichelle Nichols has had both a CAT scan and an MRI today. The CAT scan came back negative and we are awaiting the results from the MRI. Currently she is awake, eating, in good spirits and able to have full conversations. Her right side has shown minor signs or mobility loss but she is not showing any signs of paralyses.
We greatly appreciate all of the love and support her fans are showing at this time.
-Zach McGinnis
Galactic Productions, LLC

Lieutenant Darla Rodan
Starbase Nimitz

» New MACO Commanding Officer

Posted on Thu Jun 4, 2015 @ 3:27am by Captain Matthew Thompson in General News

Hi everyone,

Please join me in welcoming Phil (Lieutenant Colonel Stephan Warrick) he has joined us as our new MACO Commanding Officer. Welcome aboard Phil!!!

Captain Matthew Thompson
Commanding Officer
Starbase Nimitz
United Confederation Fleet

» Temporary Change In Chain Of Command

Posted on Mon Jun 1, 2015 @ 2:37pm by Captain Matthew Thompson in General News

Hello everyone,

As of stardate : 241306.01, Lieutenant Commander Tayla Thorn is hereby elevated to the post of Acting Executive Officer. Congratulations Lieutenant Commander!!!

Captain Matthew Thompson
Commanding Officer
Starbase Nimitz
United Confederation Fleet

» Spock - Leonard Nimoy

Posted on Fri Feb 27, 2015 @ 7:33pm by Lieutenant Darla Rodan in General News

It is with a heavy heart to say that our beloved "Spock" of Star Trek - Leonard Nimoy - passed away at his home in Los Angeles, California. He was at the age of 83 and he succumbed to the end stages of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), an illness that resulted from years of smoking. COPD had afflicted him, despite that he had quit smoking three decades ago. In 2014, he announced via Twitter that he was battling COPD and urged fans to stop smoking before it was too late. He was a legend in that he directed, acted, produced, wrote, hosted, wrote poetry, was a writer, a voiceover artist, and a beloved husband, father, and grandfather. He was the creator of the vulcan split finger symbol.

Nimoy leaves behind his wife, Susan Bay, two children and several grandchildren. In his final tweet on Feb. 23, Nimoy wrote, "A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP."

May he rest in peace and may we learn from his legend and treasure the memories of much that he had done, especially in Star Trek.


Lori B.

(I play Lieutenant Darla Rodan, Counselor of Nimitz)

» Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Posted on Thu Dec 25, 2014 @ 2:21am by Captain Matthew Thompson in General News

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays To All!!!! Please Have A Safe And Wonderful Holiday And Holiday Seasons. I am Involved With Three JL's So I am Still Here And Around. Sorry For The Delayed In Posting For Those In The Joint Logs Who Are Waiting. Thank You And Again Happy Holidays!!!

Captain Matthew Thompson
Commanding Officer
Starbase Nimitz

Latest Mission Posts

» Deck the Halls with Marines

Mission: A Little R & R
Posted on Sun Jun 28, 2015 @ 4:36am by Lieutenant Colonel Stephan Warrick & Captain Matthew Thompson & Lieutenant Commander Tayla Thorn

Star Base Nimitz Operations:

Lt. Cmdr. Thorn looked over the roster of new personnel. She noticed that a new Marine had taken over the Corp whilst they were away. Maybe it was time to meet this person and see what they were like.

"Captain, I'm going to call this Colonel…

» "A Call From An Unsuspected Place"

Mission: A Little R & R
Posted on Thu Jun 25, 2015 @ 4:51am by Lieutenant Commander Tayla Thorn & Lieutenant JG Eric Butler & Captain Matthew Thompson & Lieutenant Commander Zh'enn Poedari

Star Base Nimitz - Midday, in Starbase Operations:

"I am getting a very strange signal on long range sensors. Can you strengthen it for me?" asked the Tactical Officer in Operations

"I will try. Hold's that?" Announced the Operations Chief

"Conn, what are you getting?" asked Tactical.

"I'm not…

» Magic Stick

Mission: A Little R & R
Posted on Thu Jun 11, 2015 @ 10:34pm by Lieutenant Colonel Stephan Warrick

This particular briefing for new arrivals was something Warrick could usually get out of, but with there being so many officers the same rank as him, UCF side, he couldn’t excuse himself from this series of courses. The two-day class talked about everything associated with the base. From do’s and…

» Mild Reactions

Mission: A Little R & R
Posted on Mon Jun 8, 2015 @ 3:49am by Lieutenant Colonel Stephan Warrick

=/= Shuttle Craft Bilbo on the way to Starbase Nimitz. =/=

Colonel Warrick sipped on a cup of water as everyone on board the shuttle was now awake and ready to disembark. The trip to Starbase Nimitz was something of a long one, but I was worth it as the…

» The Art of War

Mission: A Little R & R
Posted on Fri Jun 5, 2015 @ 5:05am by Lieutenant Colonel Stephan Warrick

=/= Shuttle Craft Bilbo by way of CSS Daystrom... =/=

Lieutenant Colonel Warrick laid comfortably on the bottom rack of the cabin area of the shuttle craft as it made it's way towards hi new home for the foreseeable future. In the time since he felt the ship that got…

Latest Personal Logs

» Forgotten One Part 2

Posted on Tue Jun 23, 2015 @ 6:36pm by Lieutenant Darla Rodan

Darla wakes to find herself and her Imzadi snuggled up in the bed. She moans from her head hurting. 'What's going on?' She thought as she looked around to find herself in his quarters. 'Is he working here or on a temporary lay over?' She wondered looking at him. She…

» Forgotten One

Posted on Mon Jun 15, 2015 @ 2:39am by Lieutenant Darla Rodan

~~ From the Desk of Counselor Rodan ~~

Darla had settled in to reading a book on one of her Padds titled, "A Pirate's Nightmare." She was enthused in this author and their work. She smiled at the thought of something so historical and non-technological, even if it was fiction.…

» Caution

Posted on Sun Jun 7, 2015 @ 12:39pm by Captain Matthew Thompson

Commanding Officer's Log Stardate : 241306.07

We have found the vessel that sent out the distress call, our fighters have been disabled and had to be brought in by tractor beams. Our communications system has been disrupted but should be back online within a few moments. Sensors show that the…

» Recovering

Posted on Wed Apr 29, 2015 @ 6:25am by Admiral Drake Hudson

Personal Log Stardate : 241304.29

Its been a difficult road for me these past few weeks, boy what adventure of sorts being almost killed finding out someone was able to get something in my skull just in case the bomb didn't do its job and know im recovering with food…

» Trap In Motion

Posted on Sat Apr 4, 2015 @ 7:09am by Captain Matthew Thompson

Commanding Officer's Log Stardate 241304.04

I have sent word to command that Admiral Hudson has died under the false impression to lure our assassin's into a trap and catching them red handed. These assassin's must pay for what they done. Too many questions still remain here, how did they get…